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Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Employment Type: Full-Time

Team: Engineering offers an Observability platform based on best-in- class open-source software. The Metrics product is one of our four core product offerings along with Logs, Tracing, and SIEM. It is based on the M3 open source time series distributed database (m3db/m3 ), originally developed by Uber. As a Metrics Open Source Engineer, you will focus on making M3 a strong foundation for the product.

You will join a team of Senior engineers who are passionate about this project and about open-source in general, aiming to build something new and truly useful for both and the community.


  • Make M3 rock-solid in production - This includes analyzing production behavior, conducting root cause analysis, and troubleshooting.
  • Contribute bug fixes and features to the open-source M3 project
  • Become familiar with M3 internals, understand how it works, and contribute this knowledge as documentation improvements.


  • Three years of Go development - be familiar with the language and and its ecosystem
  • Production experience in analyzing performance issues, specifically in the Go ecosystem
  • Under the hood knowledge of at least one distributed database
  • Passion for clean code and quality, without compromising on pragmatism
  • Advantage: Made contributions to open source projects
  • Advantage: Prometheus ecosystem knowledge
Job Summary
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    Metrics Open Source Engineer
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  • Employment Type
    Full time
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Ready to apply?