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Location: India

Employment Type: Full-Time

Team: Software

Presto is a market leader in restaurant labor productivity, overlaying next- generation digital solutions onto the physical world. Its enterprise-grade touch, vision, and voice technologies help hospitality businesses thrive while delighting guests. Presto’s solutions are designed to enable restaurants to do more with less by increasing their guest-to-staff ratios, improving speed and quality of service, identifying bottlenecks, and offering guests a superior experience. These solutions include:

**● Voice: ** Guests and staff can place orders in a natural conversational style via automated speech recognition artificial intelligence with over 94% accuracy, even in noisy environments.

**● Vision: ** Using just a few cameras equipped with computer vision, restaurants can measure throughput and order accuracy, identify issues, repeat visitors and implement real-time solutions.

**● Touch: ** Designed for both drive-thru and dine-in applications, the same Presto Flex can be deployed as a pay-at-table, staff handheld, kiosk, or drive-thru line buster—offering wide front-of-house flexibility.

Are you an amazing developer looking to improve an entire industry? We are currently looking for a Senior Backend Python engineer! Below are some qualities we are looking for in the ideal fit here at Presto.


  • Understands multithreading, locks, and queues very well.
  • Writes reusable, testable, and efficient code (with a huge emphasis on testable code).
  • Communicate about complex technical, architectural, and organizational problems and propose comprehensive iterative solutions.
  • Design and develop scalable APIs.
  • Understands best practices for security and data protection.


  • 7+ years of experience in Python coding.
  • Code guru in Python.
  • Experience designing APIs, and are a proponent of API-first development.
  • Strong knowledge of database schemas.
  • Knowledge of SQLAlchemy and related libraries is a plus.
  • Python data science and machine learning libraries, such as SciKitLearn, Theano, NumPy, SciPy, and Panda.
  • Django/Flask experience.
  • Strong unit test and debugging skills.
  • Understands source code control tools (GIT is ideal and what we use!).

With over 250,000 systems shipped, we are one of the largest labor automation technology providers in the industry. Founded at M.I.T. in 2008, Presto is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif. with customers including many of the top 20 restaurant chains in the U.S.

We welcome you to visit our investor page to learn more about Presto’s recent announcement to be Publicly Listed Through a Merger with Ventoux CCM Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: VTAQ)

Job Summary
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    Sr. Backend Python Engineer
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  • Location
    Redwood City, CA
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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