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Location: U.S.

Employment Type: Full-time

Team: Programs

Seven Bridges is the industry-leading bioinformatics ecosystem provider enabling researchers to extract meaningful insights from genomic and phenotypic data in order to advance precision medicine. Our complete bioinformatics ecosystem consists of a compliant analytics platform, seamless data and automation, and expert scientific services. This holistic approach to bioinformatics is enabling researchers — at the world’s leading academic, biotechnology, government, medical centers, and pharmaceutical entities — to increase R&D efficiency, enhance the hypothesis resolution process, isolate critical biomarkers, and even turn a failing clinical trial around while also reducing computational workflow times and data storage costs. We are a global company with offices in the US, London, Serbia and more. We are roughly 300 employees and rapidly growing!

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The Data Scientist (DS) will make the extraction of new knowledge from growing data sets possible. The DS will develop data products, including data portals, and conduct complex data analyzes in support of consortium data publishing and research activities. Supporting consortium data publishing and research activities can require processing of image, genomic, and other data types. Genomics data projects can involve tens of thousands of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) samples. The DS will work closely with other members of the Translational Science and Analytics team as a way to receive technical and professional mentoring.

The DS position is a highly technical position requiring strong data management, analysis and programming skills. The DS will develop formal data management SOPs that include data collection, validation, and harmonization in addition to corresponding metadata collection. The DS will execute bioinformatics and data analyses, including alignment, and variant calling under the direction of a senior data scientist. The DS serves as the primary contact to conduct complex data driven investigations. Their role as a direct contact will require them to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on computational studies. Serving as a primary data analysis contact includes advising on technical approaches and limitations of proposed studies. The DS will coordinate and collaborate across Seven Bridges’ teams to ensure data delivery and integrity, discuss workarounds for current technical hurdles, and collaborate on meeting funding objectives. The DS will develop a range of data products, including complex data collection efforts, targeted bioinformatics data analysis, developing interactive data portals, and conducting genomic data analyses.

Overall, the DS is responsible for collaborating internally and externally on data publishing and analyses. The successful candidate possesses the skills to conduct data engineering, tool development, and data analysis across a project life cycle. We expect that there will be opportunities to conduct data analysis projects from conception to completion. Experience with secondary analysis (ex. alignment and variant calling), to conduct tertiary analysis (ex. exploratory analysis and association studies) preferred but not required.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Delivering Data Products and Complex Data Analysis

  • Responsible for conducting complex data analysis, including data management, data processing (may include bioinformatics), and genomic data analysis

  • Analyze public and internal genomics data to facilitate novel target identification, patient stratification, and hypothesis generation

  • Participate in project/program teams of Seven Bridges and external collaborators to develop novel data analyses, providing and following best practices when working with large volumes of data on modern storage and computational platforms

  • Ability to deliver data and analysis products (tools and portals) after determining requirements from internal and external stakeholders

  • (Preferred) Familiar with a range of genomic data methods

  • Technical Leadership

  • Develop analytics tools and applications to enhance the productivity of scientists within Seven Bridges and across collaborating research organizations

  • Responsible for designing, developing, and managing custom projects from program (researcher) specifications

  • Development of Bioinformatics tooling, resources, and scripts that will enable downstream analyses for users of the research environment

  • Technical Expertise

  • Collect high-dimensional raw data that needs to be stored, managed, and analyzed

  • Take a lead role in developing, debugging, and managing existing high throughput data analysis pipelines and application development from a project conception.

  • Able to write production-quality code, stay up-to-date with technological developments and have a deep understanding of several data types including next-generation sequencing (NGS) data

  • Deliver technical presentations and training to a variety of partners while executing best documentation practices

  • Prepare analysis results for presentation and publication at internal meetings and to external collaborators

  • (Preferred) Develop statistical and machine learning approaches to analyze complex omics datasets and deep learning approaches to analyze medical images.

Qualifications and Competencies

  • Education: Master’s Degree, B.S. with 3 to 5 years of related experience in science or engineering and experience in a software development environment.

  • Specialized knowledge: R Programming, R-Shiny, python , genomics, biomedical data analysis, image processing, and programming

  • Skills/Abilities:

  • Ability to deliver data and analysis products (tools and portals) after determining requirements from internal and external stakeholders

  • Ability to collect high-dimensional raw data with appropriate meta-data in a way that supports versioning and analysis

  • Ability to work with a range of data types. Examples of data type that we see being important include genomics, image processing, and wearable data

  • Ability to analyze public and internal data to facilitate novel target identification, patient stratification, and hypothesis generation

  • Ability to develop bioinformatics tooling, resources, and scripts that will enable downstream analyses for users of the research environment

  • Able to write production-quality code, stay up-to-date with technological developments

  • Ability to represent Seven Bridges in national and international initiatives, including community engagement opportunities

  • Ability to promote Seven Bridges’ efforts internally and publicly through written materials and public and internal presentations.

  • **Experience (i.e., years): **

  • B.S. with 3-5 years experience, MS with data science experience

  • Other characteristics (i.e., personal characteristics) :

  • This person is a self-starter with strong interpersonal skills

  • This person is an effective communicator, empathetic, organized, and disciplined.

  • This person is successful by collaborating, communicating, and executing plans.

  • Physical requirements

  • This job is not physically demanding but may require significant travel (up to 20%) for presentations and meetings.

What is in Seven Bridges’ DNA?

Our Mission: Seven Bridges will significantly decrease the time, cost and risk to bring new precision medicine products to market by maximizing the productivity of bio pharma/tech research and development organizations in; formulation, productization, identification, success and optimization.

Our Values: These represent who we are and what we stand for. We pride ourselves on being true to our values in everything we do. Building successful partnerships, acting with a sense of urgency, making scientists happy, acting with integrity, treating data with respect, committed to excellence and working together

**Our team and culture: **With backgrounds in genomics, computer science and computational biology to sales and finance our talented team is passionate about building solutions to the most challenging problems of precision medicine. We believe that teamwork makes the dream work! By acting with empathy, supporting each other and learning from our challenges we exemplify commitment to quality results faster.

Our perks: We offer challenging career opportunities, 401K matching, competitive benefits, unlimited PTO and an environment that recognizes and rewards performance.

Enough about us, let’s talk about you!

If you have gotten this far and are looking for the right balance of teamwork, challenge, fun and would like to help push genomics forward please send us your resume and a cover letter. If your qualifications fit the profile we are looking for we will contact you in a timely manner.

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    Data Scientist
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    Seven Bridges
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    Full time
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