Senior Growth Manager [Remote] at Simple Habit | Powderkeg

Location: San Francisco

Employment Type: Full-time

Team: Marketing


We're building a new sleep product & looking for a data-driven and curiously-minded Senior Growth Manager to join our scrappy team of 10.

About us:

Simple Habit, a mental wellness & meditation platform, was created in early 2016 by CEO/Founder Yunha Kim. Our mission? To help people live better. In just a couple of years, Simple Habit grew mostly organically to $5M in ARR. Shortly after, we raised $10M Series A round. In 2020, based on insights & learnings, Simple Habit decided to build & launch a new product. Our mission has stayed the same; to help people live better....but our focus has shifted to solving our users #1 wellness problem, sleep!

Did you know that almost 60% of adults suffer from insomnia? They struggle to fall asleep or sleep through the night, leading to inadequate sleep and a wide variety of negative symptoms during the day (anxiety, weight gain, irritability, depression). Sleep Reset is a "first of it's kind" wellness program that combines CBTI, content & 1:1 personalized sleep coaching to help adults sleep better, fast — without pills or side effects. And guess what? It works!


We're a fully distributed team of 10 FTE, working remotely across 3 different timezones. Please note that our team works on GMT-7 PST-friendly hours, so your location will affect your work hours.

You'll thrive in this role if you're:

• Energized to build our growth engine from scratch rather than inheriting something that works

• Unafraid of lack of resources/support

• Interested in an immense amount of responsibility & ownership at an early- stage startup

• Highly entrepreneurial and comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with minimal guidance

• Someone with an extreme growth mindset, driven by intense curiosity. We believe there is always room for us to improve as individual developers, a team, and a company.

• A positive, glass-half-full, kind of person

• An avid multi-tasker & able to manage multiple channels, stakeholders, etc.

• A clear & direct communicator

Desired Qualifications...

  • At least 5 years of working experience in marketing
  • At least 3 years of experience running paid
  • Managed & Executed both paid search & paid social
  • Managed at least 50k a month spend in paid
  • Experience owning multi-channel marketing & attribution
  • Experience Should be able to manage multiple channels, stakeholders, etc.

Bonus Points

  • Experience at a startup
  • Managed agencies or consultant before
  • Familiar/owned SEO, Email, CRO
  • Mobile web acquisition experience
  • Mobile app acquisition experience

What you'll do...

  • Partner with our CEO, growth advisor & leadership to set growth & marketing strategies
  • Set achievable but ambitious company growth goals and KPIs
  • Put together a high level growth & marketing strategies based on changing landscape & new data points
  • Create roadmap of fastest/cheapest ways to accomplish goals
  • Make recommendations for budget
  • Make sure our CPA targets are aligned with our strategies and align with appetite for ad spend
  • Collaborate with our Head of Product to ensure marketing & product is aligned
  • Review the overall customer acquisition pipeline, funnel and user journey
  • Catch any data/funnel discrepancy and works with engineering team to fix it
  • Ensure that data is passing through accurately
  • Set up any foundational charts that will help inform marketing
  • Set up ways to measure retargeting & multi-touch attribution
  • Putting together Looks to help us realize insights that drive our marketing efforts and evaluate campaign level performance
  • Hire, Negotiate, Manage, Fire & Hold agencies accountable
  • Oversee execution/approve agencies day to day decisions
  • Manage Channels: Google, FB, SEO
  • Test new channels in the future (e.g. Native ads, radio/podcast, streaming/TV)

Why you might not be excited about joining us...

  • We're an early (pre-PMF) stage start-up that recently (soft) launched in the app store. If a less established company & experimenting isn't your thing, this might not be for you.
  • We're small (10 FTE to be exact) - which means you'll not only be wearing multiple hats but you'll most likely be holding the hat of your partner and wearing their belt from time to time, too!
  • This is not the kind of job where you show up and we tell you exactly what to do everyday
  • Projects & priorities are likely to shift. And then shift again.
  • Another company's mission gets you way more fired up
  • You want a 9-5 job.
  • You do your best work in highly-structured, steady-paced, and meticulously-planned environments.
  • You should be comfortable with just a dash of chaos
  • A spontaneous dance party at our annual company holiday party doesn't get you jazzed

Why you might be excited about joining us...

  • We’re tackling a big and common problem, sleep. We're solving it with a solution that has never been done before.
  • Current participants in our program rave about Sleep Reset. Over 80% of our users improve their sleep by week 4.
  • You’ll be able to work remotely and (mostly) set your own schedule. We've been remote for over two years and have the whole "how to work well remotely" thing down.
  • You'll have endless flexibility in your role and will be part of defining our culture, operations, infrastructure and "how we do things" at Simple Habit.
  • Everyone on the team is extremely mission-driven and works incredibly hard to push towards our lofty ambitions
  • Although Sleep Reset is new, Simple Habit is not -- this comes with many benefits.
  • (Popular opinion) Our team is incredible. Full stop. We've retained over 90% of our team through a pandemic and a product pivot! We take our culture very seriously & aim to maintain (and continue to elevate) our close-knit and supportive bond. We came for the mission, but we stay for each other.

Simple Habit Fringe Benefits [Offered to Full-Time Employees]

Unlimited vacation – We understand the importance of disconnecting and trust you to manage your time and get your work done. We offer employees an open vacation policy.

Competitive benefits package – We value healthy and happy employees. We offer a range of competitive health, dental and vision benefits for a series A start-up.

Equity Compensation - We're growing rapidly and we want to share our future success with you. We offer an above-average ownership stake in Simple Habit for all employees.

Fitness - At Simple Habit, we care about your mental and physical wellness. We offer our team a monthly stipend towards any class or membership. We have also partnered with Crunch fitness to provide discounted gym memberships while including flexible daily gym breaks so you can actually use it!

Remote Office Setup Assistance: As Simple Habit transitions to fully remote work, we understand it is essential to have a personal working space that supports your lifestyle and boosts your productivity.

Executive Coaches - We invest in our employees professional growth by hosting quarterly executive coaching sessions. You will have the opportunity to identify and develop your unique strengths while also learning how to communicate and collaborate with our diverse team.

1% Everyday- At Simple Habit we empower employees to grow 1% every day. We offer a yearly learning and development package to invest in your continuous professional growth.

401k- Simple Habit offers employees a 401k retirement plan.

Simple Habit Creed:

There will be no failures, only learning experiences.

There will be no task below us, only opportunities to help.

We are here because we share a common sense of purpose.

We are here to help people live better, every day.

We are all owners.

All colors, all ages, all races and religions.

We all took risks to be here.

Our passion is people,

Not ping pong tables.

We get in the zone.

We take boba breaks.

We believe in self-care.

We believe in feedback.

We don't waffle.

We will disagree and commit.

We will continuously improve.

For the curious and the bold,

Humble and confident.

This company, and world, is ours to make better.

Job Summary
  • Job Title
    Senior Growth Manager [Remote]
  • Company
    Simple Habit
  • Location
    San Francisco, CA
  • Employment Type
    Full time
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