Now we’re importing startup pitches form other Midwest startup hubs. At our last Indianapolis startup event, one founder drove from Cincinnati to share his story about Leap — an iPhone app that after only one month in the iTunes store already has 20,000 active users.

Here’s the pitch:

Leap lets you challenge your friends, record points through photos, and share with others. WARNING: If you’re the competitive type, you may get addicted to this app.

All bragging rights aside, there are tons of engaging features like photo sharing (but with richer context) and deep Facebook integration that makes it simple to share and extra “sticky” to keep you coming back to the app again and again.


Leap already has a passionate user base with:

  • 20,000 active users
  • 31,000 photos taken
  • 16,000 challenges created
  • and 12,000 twitter backlinks!

The team is on the hunt for more engineers to build out the product and grow their community. The co-founding team is already a balanced mix of Designer (Nick Cramer), Developer (Ryan Tinker), and Community Builder (James Dickerson). They’re raising a seed round with the help of the Brandery—the Cincinnati based accelerator program that gave birth to Leap—to fuel further growth.

Have you tried it out yet? What do you think of the pitch?