Philippines street vendor sales
Me haggling for my first taste of balut (don’t google that if you have a weak stomach)

“Salamat, po!”

That’s what the street vendors say here in the Philippines after they close a sale. I’m in heaven over here in Manila, where I get to practice my negotiating skills. Something fresh stimulates my brain each time I buy something in this haggling environment.

Whether you sell services, software or other products in your business, there’s in a hidden secret in Filipino culture.

You see, “Salamat” means “thank you.” But more importantly, “po” is a term of respect that does something interesting to the sales process.

It’s like saying “sir” or “ma’am” back in The States. Now, obviously that would feel kind of weird to go around to business meetings back home saying “Yes, sir” and “Hello, ma’am” (annoying and disingenuous). But, honestly…

There’s power in politeness.

Here in the Philippines, I’ve found myself smiling more. Sure, I’m flat-out happy to be here in the tropics. But, I’m confident that a lot of my smiles are reciprocating the happy Filipino faces who smile at me—in the market, on the street, in the elevator—everywhere.

What I was doing was involuntary.

It’s called mirroring and it’s works like magic (when used appropriately).

filipino smile
Smile first.

Mirroring isn’t just reflecting the physical mannerisms of the person with whom you’re communicating. It’s matching people’s phrases and inflections, their tempo, and tone.

Usually when entrepreneurs and sales leaders discuss the phenomena of mirroring, they focus on how to become the mirror. But, I’m telling you…

Sometimes it’s best to set the tone.

When people smile at you, what do you do?

Nine times out of ten you smile back, right? Well, it’s the same thing with your tone and respect. It can be the key to a new relationship or opportunity.

You can build mutual respect by being the first to show respect. You can build trust by showing you trust the other person. Be bold by bringing enthusiastic respect into your business.

But you won’t unlock any benefit if you don’t make it a priority.

So, see if you can try it out today.

Just try it with a close friend or colleague. Be the first to smile. Be extra respectful, energetic, or optimistic. It’s based on the same principles we discussed in “How to Get Seed Funding.”

If you get called out on it—good. Just tell the other person you’re trying something new that you hope will help you build deeper relationships (business and personal).

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Then, up the experience level and dive in. These tests will only do good things for you and your business.

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So, where else could you try out setting the tone this week? Let me know what you’re thinking down in the comments…

Salamat, po!