On the first 25 episodes of Powderkeg: Igniting Startups, we’ve been able to share dozens of best practices and actionable insights through interviews with leading tech entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. We’ve also learned the personal stories of each guest and have witnessed some powerful moments of vulnerability and authenticity.

Some of our favorite segments on the show have come from these great spur-of-the-moment stories told by our guests. In this week’s special episode, we revisit six of the most engaging stories that provide crucial advice for founders and entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how to effectively tell your company’s story, start building an audience of followers, nail your pitch to investors, deal with rejection, and reframe your perception of adversity.

This episode features the most compelling snippets from six conversations, but we highly encourage you to listen to the full interviews for even more knowledge and practical advice from some of the brightest minds in tech. You can find links to the full interviews in the “Links and Resources” section below, as well as a selection of related Powderkeg episodes that touch on the same topics. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

In this episode featuring the Best of Powderkeg, you’ll learn:

  • All great entrepreneurs are also great storytellers (KA)
  • How to tell your story in a way that will interest others (CH)
  • Why you need to build and audience and tips to help you get started (PS)
  • Best practices for nailing your pitch to investors (KN)
  • The importance of socializing ideas and dealing with rejection (JL)
  • Why you should stop worrying and view challenges as opportunities (MY)

Please enjoy the snippets from our favorite segments since we launched Powderkeg podcast!



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Kristian Andersen (@kristianindy)

Cooper Harris (@CooperHarris)

Paul Singh (@paulsingh)

Kara Nortman (@karanortman)

Jeff Leventhal (jeffreyleventhal)

Max Yoder (@MaxYoder)

Scott Dorsey (@ScottDorsey)

Eric Tobias (@erictobiasIN)


What stood out most to you about this podcast?

For me, is from Max Yoder on why you should stop worrying and view challenges as opportunities.

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