Mark Miles and Matt Hunckler at Speedway

“Campaigns were a little bit addictive,” Miles recalled.

I sat across from Mark Miles, one of the most interesting men I had ever met. As the current CEO of Hulman and Company, Miles oversees Indy Car racing and The Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And as we sat in front of the Verge audience in the Speedway suites, he drew parallels from his time in politics to the startup lifestyle.

“It’s a little bit of the same bug that all of you have,” Miles said. His experience campaigning for Mitch Daniels, Dan Quayle, Bill Hudnut, and Richard Lugar, taught Miles the foundational skills that would shape his entire career.

Since then, Miles brought Indianapolis the Pan American Games in 1987Super Bowl XLVI in 2012, and he accomplished several other local and global initiatives throughout his career.

Watch the whole conversation here:

In the video above, look for these 3 themes that Miles learned in politics and which you can apply in business:

  1. Have energy.
  2. Get people to join your movement.
  3. Keep all of the balls in the air.

How do you live out these principles in your own initiatives? What else can you learn from early career experience? Share in the comments below…