Today, we got a piece of amazing news for the Unvalley: Long-time Powderkeg community member PactSafe has been acquired by SF-based unicorn Ironclad.

Here’s an exclusive interview with PactSafe CEO Brian Powers talking about the acquisition and the opportunity for Ironclad, Indianapolis, and the surrounding Midwest:

PactSafe Acquisition and Midwest Tech Opportunity

PactSafe is an Indianapolis-based clickwrap transaction platform that helps companies like Wayfair, DoorDash, and Angie’s List gain acceptance of online legal terms and identify risks. 

Brian Powers, CEO and founder of PactSafe, was one of the earliest members of the Powderkeg community in Indianapolis. We’re delighted that PactSafe is going to continue building their team in Indy as part of the acquisition, and that they plan on continuing to invest in our community and leveraging our world-class Unvalley talent.

“The network I built through Powderkeg… was instrumental for me finding early seed investors, and really for getting connected with our entire early team,” Brian said. “Indianapolis is a great place to build a tech team, and Ironclad knows that. We take a lot of pride in being a successful tech startup in this awesome ecosystem.”

We’re breaking open the champagne for you today, PactSafe. Is it okay to say that we’re proud of you? *emotional sniff*

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Read More About the Story Behind PactSafe and Their Acquisition: 

PactSafe Acquisition Video Transcript:

Brian Powers, PactSafe CEO:

PactSafe has now been acquired by a company out in the Bay Area called Ironclad we had this vision to transform what it means to accept the contract. You know, PactSafe primarily builds clickwrap agreements in minutes, right. So you check box with your button, you accept an agreement, and ironclad is transforming the way people manage your payment for CLM. And so, like the combination, the two is just was too good to pass up.

For us. It’s like a really exciting combined vision. So Ironclad’s got a San Francisco hub, they have a New York hub. And now we’re going to build in Indianapolis up so part of the acquisition the entire PactSafe team has come on with this all 40 of us. And we’re going to continue to grow here in the Midwest, there’s too much talent. you know, it either came from Powderkeg and verge or people that I’ve met there we’re going to continue to do what PactSafe has done for the past five years and in Indy in the Midwest right.

We’re going to continue building our team here we’re going to continue investing as a community you know in leveraging the world class talent that in the actually has that nobody knows about. So don’t watch this video because I don’t want you to know about all the topics that we have here. Should be a secret, delete, delete.

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