Diversity is driving the Kauffman Fellows Network, which announced their latest cohort this week. The Kauffman Fellowship is a venture-capital focused program, helping accelerate careers in VC through curriculum and a robust network. 

The latest cohort of Kauffman Fellows was announced this week, and the individuals in the new group are an exceptionally diverse collection of investors that are worth following. 

The cohort, made up of 42% women and 51% people of color, will attend a two-year executive education program dedicated to the VC world’s investment in high-growth, high-impact startups. The Kauffman Fellows network is dedicated to creating a more equitable venture ecosystem, which is part of the bigger trends we’re seeing in VC.

Venture capital firm Insight Partners committed $15 million to minority-led startups. Richard Wells, managing director of Insight Partners, headed up an initiative to back minority groups who are actively raising early-stage funds. The partners at the firm put in their own capital to form the fund, and now the money has been almost fully committed, including 83% Black and Latino led-firms and 39% women-managed vehicles.

Does all this talk about VC make you want to learn how to invest? 

Well, now you can learn directly from Backstage Capital’s Arlan Hamilton, who spoke at Powderkeg Unvalley last year. She just announced the third cohort of her 4-week virtual course, Investing as a Catalyst, for beginning and intermediate investors.