Paul Singh is embracing the changing nature of the venture capital—or _VC_—game.

Formerly a partner at 500 Startups, an international VC seed fund and startup accelerator, Singh noticed that high-growth tech companies were starting to pop up all across the U.S. If he wanted to invest in the very best startups in the country, then waiting for founders to fly out to Silicon Valley and come to him wasn’t the best method anymore.

Singh decided he had to go to them.

He founded Results Junkies with his wife and started road-tripping across the country in a pickup truck and custom Airstream trailer, hosting events for entrepreneurs, meeting investors and visiting incubators and coworking spaces.

Last year, he stopped in 42 cities and met with 20,000 entrepreneurs and 1,200 early stage startups, seeking out the very best talent to invest in. And he’s doing it even bigger this year.

I’m so grateful Paul took some time to chat with me about the lessons he learned working in his hometown of Ashburn, Virginia as well as San Francisco, the role he believes venture capitalists should play in improving cities and towns across the nation, and what drives him to keep achieving better things (it’s fear!).

He also has insightful advice for anyone looking to build a company or create a startup community outside of the big coastal cities. The good news for Midwestern entrepreneurs (like me) is that technology really is a great equalizer.

Keep an eye on the Results Junkies blog for more of Paul’s thoughts on starting up outside the Valley and to follow the progress of his traveling VC firm. If you want to get in touch, you can find him on Twitter @paulsingh and on Facebook.

In this episode with Paul Singh, you’ll learn:

  • No matter what your line of work is, you’re always selling yourself 
  • Why fear drives him
  • His plans for Results Junkies in 2017 
  • How technology gives you freedom to do what you want 
  • How company building and community building are related 
  • Ways to spread a business idea outside of the Valley 

Please enjoy this interview with Paul Singh.

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For me, it’s his advice to anyone looking to build a company or create a startup community outside of the big coastal cities.

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