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Powderkeg and Cintrifuse Launch Cincinnati Tech Census Survey

Posted May 17, 2018

Meg Yothment

Marketing Manager at Powderkeg

We are excited today to launch the Cincinnati Tech Census survey as part of Powderkeg’s data-first initiative to measure the growth, vibrancy and health of tech ecosystems in cities across the country.


The survey launch coincides with Fuse50 Cincinnati, a one-day conference from Powderkeg and Cintrifuse bringing together tech entrepreneurs, investors and leaders from Cincinnati and regional cities to discuss better connecting expansion-stage tech companies between the coasts.


“The National Tech Census, starting in Indy and Cincinnati, gives up-and-coming tech hubs the data they need to make improvements, make connections and hone strengths in their ecosystems,” said Matt Hunckler, CEO and founder of Powderkeg. “Silicon Valley’s magic is its tight-knit network, so we have to recreate that outside the Valley in order to overtake the tech power on the coasts. The so-called ‘flyover states’ are about to become fly-to states.”


To kickoff the survey, Powderkeg will host a launch party as the closing event of Fuse50 on May 17 at 6 p.m. Tech leaders in attendance will be interviewed for direct quotes to be published in the final report. Those interested in attending can purchase an all-access pass to Fuse50 at


The Cincinnati Tech Census will be open through June 1 and the results will be revealed this fall. To participate in the Cincinnati Tech Census, visit


You can read the full release here.


Meg Yothment

Marketing Manager at Powderkeg

Meg is the Marketing Manager at Powderkeg, a network of local communities with global reach for tech entrepreneurs, investors, and top talent. Powderkeg entrepreneurs have collectively raised more than $500 million in capital and are disrupting industries, creating wealth, and changing the world from areas beyond Silicon Valley. You can follow Meg on Twitter at @megyothment.