We are excited today to launch the Denver-Boulder Tech Census survey as part of Powderkeg’s data-first initiative to measure the growth, vibrancy and health of tech ecosystems in cities across the country.


The Denver-Boulder region will be the third to contribute to the US Tech Census, after Indianapolis and Cincinnati earlier this year.  


“The US Tech Census gives tech hubs between the coasts the data they need to hone their strengths, make improvements and build connections outside their region,” said Matt Hunckler, founder and CEO of Powderkeg. “Silicon Valley isn’t the only place where tech is growing; there are vibrant tech ecosystems in regions throughout the country. Building a tight-knit network between these tech hubs is an important step to transform the so-called ‘flyover states’ into fly-to states.”


To kickoff the survey, Powderkeg will host a launch event on June 5 at 5:30 p.m. at Industrious in Downtown Denver. The event, sponsored by chapter founding partner ClusterTruck, will feature local entrepreneurs in a panel discussion on the State of Tech in Denver-Boulder Tech. Tech leaders in attendance will be interviewed for direct quotes to be published in the final report.


Those interested in attending can purchase a ticket at denverbouldertechcensus.eventbrite.com.


The Boulder-Denver Tech Census will be open through June 30 and the results will be revealed this fall.  To take the tech census, visit techcensus.org/denver-boulder.


You can read the full release here.