Entrepreneurial Giving

Giving is magical.

Whether it’s giving time, giving attention, or giving advice…

Its astonishing effects can be seen in every aspect of life. The simple act of lending a hand is something so small and nearly effortless. But the power of consistent contribution to a common vision creates — as if from thin air — an energy and intention all its own.

I witnessed it first hand at a recent Verge event, where the enthusiasm and passion of 150 software developers, investors, and business founders filled up an old converted warehouse space in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis:

Giving gains momentum.

It’s addictive and it attracts other givers. And as the energy of a group of givers builds, the energy compounds.

Smaller and smaller amounts of individual energy produce increasingly impressive effects as the collective group of givers magnifies the intent.

Givers contribute without expectations of receiving anything in return. But if you pay attention, I bet you’ll witness that it’s this group of magicians who gain the most in the long run.