The-Power-of-No-200x300I just checked and there are now officially 167 great new ideas/technologies that I should be utilizing right now in my business to help it grow and become more profitable.

If I wanted to add another dozen, I could just pick up the latest trade magazine. Or even check this very website. They’re all filled with “How to” lists that could keep you busy improving for years.

Everything Can’t Be Important

The access to great ideas is unlimited and is only going to improve.

That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, there’s another side to this coin. It’s called “great idea overload” and it leads to an office or home full of half-finished projects.

Lack of Prioritized Goals Leads You to Unfinished Projectland

A clear symptom of this disease is a whole bunch of $9.95 hits to your credit card for services (aka – great ideas) that you can no longer remember purchasing.

How many tools or apps have you bought with good intentions, only to have them collect dust in some far-reaching corner of your iPhone?

Be Like Pheidippides

You are in the middle of a marathon, not a sprint. Your success isn’t built upon half finished get rich quick ideas – it’s built upon a powerful vision that guides your everyday tactics. When it comes to both setting and striving for goals, be like Pheidippides, not Usain Bolt.

The clearer the vision, the easier it is to prioritize and say “no” to all of the really great opportunities that will hit your email, Twitter feed or Facebook wall throughout the day.

Everything can’t be important.

That’s why workshops with experts like Thrivemap are so valuable. Literally drawing out your goals and how you’ll get there makes a world of difference.

What Do You Need to Say “No” to Today?


People like to say “yes” to each other. It makes us feel good. But saying “no” to things that don’t immediately impact our goals helps us achieve them faster.

What are you going to start saying “no” to?

This post was written in collaboration with CJ McClanahan from Reachmore