Jeff Smulyan has had a long and illustrious career thus far. As the founder of Emmis Communications, he helped give David Letterman his start, created the world’s first all-sports radio station, owned the Seattle Mariners MLB team, and created Hip Hop Radio powerhouse Power 106 in Los Angeles—and he isn’t done yet.

Jeff Smulyan is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of Emmis Communications, a publicly traded media company based in Indianapolis. 

Jeff’s entrepreneurial journey has been a legit roller coaster ride. He has owned a Major League Baseball team, he started America’s first sports radio station, created the world’s two largest hip hop radio stations and managed some of the world’s most talented people, including David Letterman, Ken Griffey Jr. and Don Imus. He has a one-of-a-kind story and is one of the all-time business greats. He shares a collection of amazing stories and lessons in his book, Never Ride a Rollercoaster Upside Down.

Be sure to check out these great clips from the show:

  • [11:22] Being a leader and managing a successful group
  • [19:33] Know your audience
  • [27:47] How to handle a deal gone wrong
  • [29:49] Parallels between baseball and business
  • [39:58] Knowing what to look for when buying a business

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In our conversation with Jeff, you will learn:

  • How being able to make fun of yourself can help your career
  • Selling the human way
  • How to develop thick skin and turn it into a superpower
  • What makes Indianapolis a great place to work and live
  • Company Culture: The good and the bad

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