The product development process needs far more than just an exciting idea and money. Your idea is just the beginning. You also need a team to get it out of the dream phase, and a plan to keep it on track. Not to mention, a marketing strategy that clearly defines the problem to your audience—and why your product is the solution.

Today on the Igniting Startups podcast, you’ll learn how to take a product from concept to market. Joining us are two veterans in the field of new product development. First up, we have Mike Reynolds, founder and CEO of digital product agency Innovatemap. In just five years, Innovatemap has helped more than 125 startups, scale-ups, and tech-enabled large businesses launch, manage, and market beautiful digital products. In fact, six clients have already reached an exit.

Joining Mike is Christian Beck, executive partner at Innovatemap and co-host of the Better Product podcast. There, he has built a successful career working with tech companies and startups to build out design teams. Beck also helps startups strategize the right approach to get them through the product development life cycle.

Between these two, you’ll get a master class in understanding the product development process. We will cover how to find out if your idea has any legs, what a product agency can do to help that idea develop, and the different roles design, management, and marketing play in developing a product.

In this episode on the product development process, you will learn:

  • What a results-driven product development process is … and isn’t.
  • How to go through product design and development with success.
  • The advantages of using a digital product development agency.
  • How to decide if going through a new product development process is worth it.
  • The importance of feedback throughout the product development cycle.
  • Why the idea needs to be drawn out to some degree before beginning.

Please enjoy this episode on the product development process with Mike Reynolds and Christian Beck!

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What stood out most to you about what Mike & Christian share in this podcast?

For me, it’s understanding what a results-driven product development process is … and isn’t.

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