Why verify your company profile on Powderkeg?

Verified company profiles are seen by more candidates, talent, and investors in the Powderkeg community because they rank higher in search results on Powderkeg’s Company Directory and Job Search.

All verified company profiles will display an orange checkmark, which signals to Powderkeg’s members and readers that your company profile is verified on Powderkeg.

How to verify your company profile on Powderkeg

To verify your company profile on Powderkeg, all you need to do is add a backlink to your company profile from your website.

Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Find your Powderkeg company profile URL and desired Powderkeg badge 

If you don’t know your Powderkeg company profile URL, you can use our Company Directory to find your company and grab the link to the profile.

[Optional] If your company has received an award from Powderkeg (congrats!): You may also add one (or more) of the badges that you have earned through the Powderkeg awards to your website. Download the image or images from this google folder for the awards won. (When we review your backlink in Step 3, we will double-check that you have received the award(s) indicated on your website.)

Step 2: Add the company profile URL to your website 

Add your Powderkeg company profile URL to your company’s website where desired. (Note: You may need to work with a developer on your team to add the link.)

We recommend adding it to your Careers page so prospective talent can recognize you as a verified member of the community, but you may choose either your Home or About page instead. 

Step 3: Send the backlink to Powderkeg for review to complete your profile verification 

Once the backlink is added and live on your website, please fill out this form to complete your verification.

Powderkeg Profile Verification Review Form >>

Once we receive the form information and confirm that the backlink is added to your website, we will add the checkmark to your company profile to mark as Verified.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@powderkeg.com at any time and we will help you as best we can!