Hi everyone! For those of you that weren’t able to make it to the Startup Bowl or just want a refresher, here’s a recap of the afternoon!

After seeing David Blaine at Connections 2012, PowderKeg-ers headed over to Lucas Oil for lunch provided by 250ok. At 2pm, Pete the Planner took the stage to emcee the Startup Bowl. Between pitches, he delighted the audience with witty anecdotes and reminders to use #powderkeg when tweet-ing!


Despite being unable to divulge the extent of their user-base, Bonfyre lit up the stage with Mark Sawyier’s explosive personality as he talked about their private event groups used to chat and share photos. </puns>

FoundOps‘ Jonathan Perl talked about “logistics for all” with their app system whose primary competitor is crude Excel spreadsheets with macros. Oh, and he mentioned something about a “F****** awesome” team!

Next, Squarejive‘s Charles Kelly told us how to answer the questions “What are you doing this weekend, and how did you decide?” Though he initially had a hard time giving up the mike, he answered the judges’ questions succinctly.

Lisnr‘s Chris Ridenour talked about delivering content from bands to people that are currently listening to their music. He wasn’t fazed by anything, including a question about his valuation, demonstrating that Lisnr is more than just “a better Spotifty.”

Zachary Warrner walked us through how Team Mash, a daily email with the best news stories involving your favorite sports teams, resulted from a brainstorm as he transitioned from sports fanatic to devoted father (while quoting Back to the Future.)

After being introduced as the guy that gave Mark Cuban a $200,000 Heisman on Shark Tank, Derek Pacque talked about how CoatChex is just the first step in revolutionizing the bailment system.

After a twenty minute break, during which attendees socialized while drinking energy drinks and eating brownies, the pitches started back up. The general format was 5 minutes to pitch, and 5 minutes of Q&As, starting with questions from the judges: Ting Gootee of Elevate Ventures, Carla Valdes of Fortify, Sonal Mane of Microsoft, and Christopher Day of Navidar.

Attendees started out the second half by getting to see Marc Kleinman and Todd Saxton depicting problems that on-call doctors face in a series of entertaining photos. Diagnotes is the solution, providing doctors with critical, secure information after hours. (Side note: I do have copies of these pictures, just in case you ever need them for anything.)

Next, Modulus‘ business proposition was proven in-house when 1/2 of the developers in the room (roughly 1/6th of the total attendees) said they would pay for Charlie Key’s platform for hosting and providing analytics on Node.js apps.

PetBookings‘ Christopher Tilson walked through their system to make reservations for pet kenels/hotels. Their service even addresses ‘pet hotels’ that require personality checks and other stringent approval procedures while simplifying the reservation process.

Matthew Anderson got several laughs out of the audience, starting his pitch by emulating David Blaine, as shown below. He went on to get even more as he addressed the question of Adproval‘s inception and the idea of blog users being able to control the ads on their blog. “So, I was dating this Asian chick….”

Santiago Jaramillo and Adam Weber magnetically rounded out the set of startups by talking about VisitApps, a system to let Convention and Visitors Bureaus harness mobile apps to engage visitors. Their slide showing exactly how and at what rate they convert cold calls to sales was one of the highlights of the afternoon.

If you’re as excited as I am to find out who won, be sure to place your vote tomorrow at the exhibition and attend the closing party at DeveloperTown, where the winner will be announced! Don’t worry- I’ll be posting it on here tomorrow night for those that are unable to make it. 😀