Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 8.07.32 AMWe have been busy this month. After starting the month with a Pitch Night at the Track and announcing the first nine companies for this year’s Innovation Showcase, members of the Verge community packed inside an old gym downtown with small business owners for the #FightForSmall. Between the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, small businesses, and old basketball gyms, one thing is clear…

May Has Been a Very Hoosier Month at Verge

And we’re not done yet. For those of you who may have forgotten, Thursday is Vergeday, meaning a week from this Thursday is the official Verge pitch night of May. The Verge crew has been doing a lot of work to get something special put together for this pitch night, and we have a lot of exciting announcements to make in the next week, but we wanted to make sure you all got an official save the date. This May’s Pitch night is on Thursday, May 29th. Tickets will be going live soon, so keep an eye on your email early next week.

“Listen, Tim, I appreciate the Save the Date, but I think I’m all Verged out this month. I’ve already been to two events… Why should I come to a third?”

Because Our Fireside is a Badass

It has been my absolute pleasure to get to know Jayson Manship, Founder of inSourceCode, over the past few months. Not only is Jayson’s team chock full of badass WordPress developers, but Jayson’s passion for providing world-class tools for small businesses is trumped only by his execution on that vision. Jayson has shared some awesome lessons with the Verge community in the past and I’m thrilled to welcome him back to the Verge stage next Thursday to  talk more about building and scaling a product, developing a pricing model, and getting off of the work-for-hire treadmill.

In addition to his tech entrepreneur side, Jayson’s small business side will be on full display to reach out to the Verge community. The main question this conversation should answer is

What can our tech community do to help our city’s small businesses?

Our #FightForSmall event resulted in incredible conversations from techies and small business owners alike. Jayson and our incredible panel helped answer questions for non-technical business owners.

This conversation was incredibly beneficial for small business owners, but now we’re ready for the techie side of this chat. What can we do as a tech community to help build our small businesses and our community? That’s the question we’re going to try to answer this May.

So Tim, Who’s Pitching?

Great question, rhetorical device.

In the spirit of small business, we want to vet our pitches a little differently this month. This month’s Verge event is all about Indiana and all about small business, so we want startups pitching that exemplify that ideal. If your startup is doing something cool to benefit small businesses or the Indiana community, this is your time to shine. You can apply to pitch here.

Please make sure to mention how your startup is helping the local community. You have to act fast, because we’re selecting our pitches THIS WEDNESDAY.

May The Most Hoosier Startups Win!