What is a marketplace business, and how does that model impact each aspect of a company’s strategy? How do you choose the right business model to succeed in a market-place driven world?

In today’s episode, we talked with Robert Preville, an expert on marketplace businesses, serial entrepreneur, and investor that has founded and led several high-growth companies. Robert is the founder and CEO of Kwipped, a B2B marketplace platform headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina that matches businesses who need to rent equipment with a global network of rental suppliers.

In this interview, Robert discusses his personal experience and growth in the marketplace platform industry, and how his company Kwipped, is managing and sourcing from a global network of equipment suppliers, reducing risk, and building a trusting relationship between renters and suppliers. Along with Robert’s personal experience, you’ll hear his thoughts on how other companies are being successful using similar platforms, advice on choosing the right business model to succeed in the marketplace world, and the core challenges of starting out and succeeding with a marketplace platform.

Tune in for Robert’s discussion about his growth as a young entrepreneur during his formative years, his personal experience with marketplace models to his role as the founder and CEO of Kwipped. Find out more on how Robert and his fellow colleagues are disrupting the B2B equipment rental industry with their marketplace platform, Kwipped!

In this episode with Robert Preville, you’ll learn:

  • What a marketplace model is and how it’s evolving for the future
  • How companies can win with a marketplace model
  • The challenging pieces of a marketplace business
  • How to choose the right model to succeed in the marketplace world
  • The lessons of choosing the right business model in the marketplace industry
  • Companies that are being successful using a marketplace platform
  • How the Kwipped platform is impacting the B2B equipment rental industry

Please enjoy this chat with Robert Preville!

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For me, it’s the lessons of choosing the right business model in the marketplace industry.

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