With 2019 well underway, our third and final Pitch Night in-between-isode should be helpful for founders busy planning their startup’s goals and milestones for the year. The subject is social impact and the positive business results it can deliver, from sales to talent acquisition, when done correctly.

Corporate social responsibility has become a major concern in the world today. Customers want to patron companies that give back to their communities. In fact, a study from Deloitte found that 87 percent of consumers use social impact metrics when deciding which product to buy. Corporations, large businesses,and even startups can bolster their public images and win customers by sharing the wealth with nonprofits and other charitable organizations.

This is exactly what Selfless.ly and its CEO, Josh Driver, want to help companies do. Selfless.ly’s online platform removes the logistical roadblocks that often hinder an organization’s social impact efforts, such as managing volunteer time off and matching employee donations. Made for companies of all sizes, all industries, and at all stages, Selfless.ly helps businesses master social impact and do good more easily and efficiently.

Josh presented this pitch last October at our “Diversity, Inclusion, and the Future of Tech Pitch Night,” which was hosted by fellow entrepreneur Kelli Jones and featured a special panel of diversity experts in addition to our startup advisors. Josh’s pitch demonstrates why companies should be proactive about corporate social responsibility and explains how robust social impact initiatives can ultimately boost their revenue.

In this episode with Josh Driver of Selfless.ly, you’ll learn:

  • Why corporate social responsibility is good for a company’s bottom line.
  • What Selfless.ly is doing to help organizations grow their social impact.
  • How nonprofits and charities can benefit from Selfless.ly’s referral program.

Please enjoy this special episode with a pitch from Selfless.ly CEO Josh Driver!

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What stood out most to you about what Josh share in this podcast?

For me, it’s why corporate social responsibility is good for a company’s bottom line.

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