“A lot of luck,” co-founder Mike Langellier will tell you. But there’s a lot more that went into the startup success of MyJibe—a personal finance management app that launched last January and was acquired just nine months later.

So, how do you launch and grow a software startup outside of Silicon Valley and without external investors?  I recently had a chance to sit down with cofounders Mike Langellier and Brandon Dewitt to get their reflections on the experience. It was only fitting that we unraveled the story of this bootstrapped upstart amidst the commotion of a founder-favorite Midwest coffee shop:

Software Acquisition: The MyJibe Story

In this founder story:
Software Acquisition MyJibe

  • Learn why your co-founder determines the success or failure of your startup
  • Get insight on speed and timing (and how accelerator programs like SproutBox can help accelerate the build process)
  • Find out how to turn partnership potential into acquisition offers

What qualities do you look for in a co-founder? How has that impacted your startup process?