Amid the excitement of last week’s Indianapolis Super Bowl, two dozen of the Midwest’s highest profile entrepreneurs and investors made the time to meet privately at the newly-minted Speak Easy in Indianapolis. We were able to sneak a camera within the sliding doors of the conference room where the group gathered for a intimate discussion about Startup America and the state of startups in Indy.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard opened the round-table-style discussion for Speak Easy co-founder Kristian Andersen. Thanks to Amber Ross and Develop Indy; the CEO of Startup America, Scott Case, was able to give his perspective during our discussion:

For the most part, Indianapolis gets it. They understand that it’s the companies less than five years old that have created the majority of new jobs in the last decade. It’s the opportunity for creativity to evolve into innovation in the founding of new startups.

From inception, the United States has been home to the people born with risk-taking in their DNA. We’ve set the pace for enterprising creation and growth. We blazed the trail and others are following in our footsteps. So, now it time for us to step up our game.

That’s why Startup America is focused on young companies that are focused on growth, and why the movers and shakers of Indianapolis took time out of their Super Bowl week to gather at the Speak Easy. These smaller entities hold the key to the future of our economy and freedom. And that’s something to be cultivated and fostered.

Startup MeetingStartup America is taking exceptional action to support startups. Along with taking two startup to the Super Bowl (which we’ll cover tomorrow), Startup America provides value to startups in three ways:

  1. $1.2 billion (that’s billion with a b!) in free resources from over 50 providers.
  2. A collaborative community of thousands of startups, investors, and venture mentors.
  3. A national platform to celebrate the success stories of startups.

If you run a startup, or know someone who does, take action and register for Startup America membership now. It’s free:

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