It’s been no surprise that ventures in FinTech have tripled in just this past year. According to recent research completed by data provider, CB Insights, venture capital-backed financial technology companies have raised an incredible record of $39.57 billion from investors globally in 2018, that’s up 120 percent from the previous year! The financial technology industry is trending worldwide with tons of open opportunities for entrepreneurs to take advantage of…so how can entrepreneurs and innovators jump on and capitalize on this continuously growing trend? 

On today’s episode of the Powderkeg podcast, you’ll hear from amazing two guests that have decades of experience working in the world of finance and years of experience in leading high performing teams and working with fellow entrepreneurs. Our first guest is Eric Mager, Founder & CEO of Bundle. Bundle is an app that gives home buyers and mortgage shoppers a starting point to learn, understand and manage the mortgage process. Joining Eric today is Brandon Martin, a principal at Clifton Larson Allen (CLA). CLA is a professional services firm and the eighth largest accountancy firm in the United States. 

In this episode, Eric and Brandon will share their personal stories on how they became involved in the world of entrepreneurship. You’ll also get to hear their views and thoughts on the fantastic growth of startup culture in Charlotte and the benefits of networking with other founders and startups in your local area. Tune in for more! 

In this episode with Brandon Martin and Eric Mager, you’ll learn:

  • Eric and Brandon’s journey through tech
  • The world of Fintech and the open opportunities of the industry
  • What the startup scene is like in Charlotte
  • The benefits of networking with fellow startups and founders

Please enjoy this conversation with Brandon Martin and Eric Mager!

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What stood out most to you about what Brandon and Eric share in this podcast?

For me, it’s the benefits of networking with fellow startups and founders.

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