PeeqMe Helps You Leverage Underutilized Personality Assessments

Personality Assessment Startup PeeqMe
The affirmation on PeeqMe’s homepage. Their mobile app is currently in place at a few pilot customers.

Personality assessments from providers like Meyers Briggs, DiSC(R), and Strengthsfinder represent a $2 billion market, but how many of us really utilize what we learn about ourselves to truly work more effectively with our colleagues? As Quake Pletcher said in his Verge pitch, most of what we learn through those assessments is lost after three weeks. Quake’s startup, PeeqMe, is a social platform to help professionals win hearts and minds at work by, at least in part, leveraging those underutilized assets.

Private Social Platform Showcases What Your Resume Can’t

No matter what you think about how social media fits into the workplace, companies like are seeing to it that businesses today become ever more social. And when you think of social media for business, you probably think of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is great for understanding what people do. PeeqMe is all about how people work. Here’s the pitch:

They’re looking for pilot customers and developers right now, as well as developers. Provide feedback or ask questions in the comments!