Steve Blank's New Book

He wrote what some consider to be “the Bible” of starting up. His decade-old book, Four Steps to the Epiphany is still quoted referenced and re-spun into movements like the Lean Startup. But the retired serial entrepreneur Steve Blank is about to release a book the he hopes will replace his breakthrough book.

Steve Blank’s New Book: Will it spark another Revolution?

In March, Steve Blank will release The Startup Owner’s Manual, which is based on ten years of real-world testing and promises to deliver:

  • The “Business Model Canvas” as the organizing principle for
    startup hypotheses
  • Separate paths and advice for web/mobile products versus
    physical products
  • A wealth of detailed instruction on how to get, keep, and grow
    customers recognizing the different techniques for web and physical channels
  • A”new math” for startups: “metrics that matter for fueling growth”

Even if you’ve read Four Steps to the Epiphany, Blank’s new book will probably be worth checking out. For those who study entrepreneurship and push themselves to refine their skill set, you can grab Steve Blank’s book on pre-order here: The Startup Owner’s Manual

Have you read Four Steps to the Epiphany? Will you snag a copy of Steve Blank’s new book? What say you: