“I wish we had started in the U.S. two years ago,” Mike said. And now is clearly the right time to test his million-dollar software business in the Americas.

michal sadowski brand 24When Michal (Mike) Sadowski started his social monitoring platform Brand 24, he had every intention to launch simultaneously in the United States. His passion for the product and customer service redirected business momentum to focus on the few and delay his U.S. debut. But in reflecting on the pat few years, that may have been the best choice for this software business.

Brand 24 is already earning millions. To be fair, it’s earning millions—of rupees. And he’s nearly hit the million-dollar mark in U.S. dollars, with offices in Poland and Indonesia, and clients like IKEA, Intel, and Panasonic.

After talking for more than half an hour with Mike, it was clear that hustle has been a key ingredient in the growth of the business. But there were a few other recurring themes in our chat:

  • CEOs should always stay close to the customer
  • Monitor and manage cost per customer acquisition
  • Turn perceived weaknesses into advantages

Look for these lessons in the short interview video below. Then ask yourself the question:

brand 24 social monitoringWill the recipe that’s resonated in Europe and Asia see the same success in the Americas?

Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: Mike isn’t afraid to go up against any of the big players like Radian 6, Sysomos, or Social Mention. With a robust set of tools and years of development behind their product, Brand 24 has already amassed more than 1,000 U.S. beta users.

Sadowski had a twinkle in his eye when he said, “Going global is so much fun.”

I distilled the more than 30 minutes of conversation with Mike into the best bits. Watch the full interview below:

What challenges do you foresee for Michal Sadowski and Brand 24? Share your thoughts in the comments below…