“This is just the beginning.”

That thought never crossed my mind when we started Verge more than four years ago. But it was the beginning—the beginning of new a movement.

With the energy and involvement of its members, Verge has grown from a rag-tag meetup to a kick-ass platform of 2,500 software entrepreneurs, developers and investors in growing startup communities. The people in our initial group shaped the foundation of a vibrant Verge culture.

team dominateI love our rebellious clan. We’re the crew that isn’t afraid to get out hands dirty. Our ambition and ability to embrace change is what built this unique community. But that culture was built on the shoulders of giants.

The brazen ambition of software pioneers like Mark Hill, Scott Jones, and the founders of Software Artistry not only provided the kindling, but continue to stoke the fire of entrepreneurship as founders and developers in our group launch and grow new companies. As fire starters, we’ve pursued validation for our ideas and celebrated the learning along the way.

Our most active members have directed the momentum of Verge and serve as a deep well of energy. With support from national networks like Startup America, Startup Digest, Startup Weekend (now known as Up Global), we’ve connected with the emerging startup community around the world.

I’m lucky to be a part of such an inspiring movement and our community has been so supportive as I’ve moved to get more involved and again as I’ve gone back full force into other startups. It’s been no secret that our group has been looking for the right full-time leader to beat the Verge drum 24/7. And that person could not have stepped up at a more perfect time and in a more spectacular way.

Alec Synnestvedt brings energy and skills that will fuel Verge in the next leg of its journey. As the new Executive Director for Verge, he already built amazing experiences within this year’s Innovation Showcase and is supporting new Verge hubs as they prepare to launch (keep an eye out in the coming weeks). But just wait until we unveil what we’re doing with our next Powder Keg conference.

If you really want to get a taste for the kind experience you can expect, check out next week’s Technology/Fashion/Design event that we’re hosting with the inspiring people at Pattern: Details Here >>

Alec has already proven that he has tons of potential and the raw talent to grow big ideas. And there’s so much more opportunity to provide more value for the community. Our plans for continued entrepreneurial learning, events with broader reach, and additional community hubs will raise the bar for what you can expect from Verge. See for yourself:

We have so much more to build. And we’re going to need your help to get it done.

Don’t worry, I still have my sleeves rolled up. I’m still working on Verge, but my role has shifted. My contributions will always help direct the vision of the group, and I have so much to share from the past 6 years working in startups—good, bad, and ugly. While you’ll still see me take the Verge stage, it will be in the spirit of sharing lessons learned in my pursuit for startup validation and growth. I’m trading in the emcee mic for a fireside chat chair (if I can actually sit still).

But, you know, I’ll miss it.

I’ve always loved contributing my energy as the Verge event emcee, but Alec has a vibe and style that I’m confident will rally our group month after month. And besides, I think he already has the “slow clap” down better than I ever did.

It’s already proving to be an awesome partnership. And our organizing crew is an ever-growing group of leaders we lovingly refer to as “Team Dominate.”

Looking at the work that Alec has been executing and the pace at which he’s building value for our startup community, I have only one thought:

“This is just the beginning.”