If you’ve never been, it’s a sight to behold.

A mini city of technical and creative talent fills 35,000 square feet of gaping warehouse space. The city’s tight-knit community of software developers, graphic designers, and venture coaches collaborate into the wee hours of the morning to architect and create never-been-built-before technology and products.

DeveloperTownJust another day at venture development firm and tech accelerator, DeveloperTown.

You won’t find many places in the Midwest that’s as jam-packed with talent and experience. DeveloperTown has been around for a while now (having just celebrated their two-year anniversary this month), but this year looks to be their most promising year yet.

In 2011 alone, DeveloperTown helped bring software to life for two-dozen clients, including innovative startups like uFlavor and MusicalDNA. Using field-tested “lean startup” methodologies, the firm builds better products for their clients and partners than they could ever dream of constructing on their own.

The massive South-Broad-Ripple facility has also become a hub for tech gatherings and startup events including Verge, Indy Hackers Socials, Indianapolis Lean Startup Circle, and The Innovation Showcase (which brought in over 1,000 people for a day-long networking and pitch session).

In that same building, Indianapolis will see the January launch of a new co-working clubhouse—The Speakeasy. Look for more on the Speakeasy Launch here on the blog, and for the Speakeasy to only perpetuate the innovation that’s been snowballing over at DeveloperTown.

The Midwest startup community continues to build its powder kegs of entrepreneurial energy, and the inhabitants of DeveloperTown like playing with matches. This will make for a very interesting year!

Watch this video below with DeveloperTown partners Michael Cloran and John Wechsler:

What do you like about the DeveloperTown model?  How do you think this effects a startup community?