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Zotec Partners
Indianapolis, IN - Zotec is a leader in technology-enabled and data-driven healthcare revenue cycle management solutions that optimize patient and provider financial experiences.
Indianapolis, IN - Conversational AI-Driven Analytics
Carmel, IN - Method Procurement gives dental practices and DSOs the inventory management capabilities they need to succeed.
The award-winning employee health compliance software designed to easily record and track immunizations and more.
The Engineered Innovation Group
Indianapolis, IN - We help organizations create new and meaningfully valuable products and services.
Indianapolis, IN - Your expert guides for customer experience training that makes renewals a no-brainer.
Andromeda Galactic Solutions
Denver, CO - Andromeda designs and builds web-based software products that work for people
AC Health
AC Health, an app-as-a-service platform, is changing the patient engagement market by replacing the paper instructions currently handed to patients at the end of every point of care event with a personalized digital mini-app. In one-click, patients can watch, listen to or read the medical instructions that they need to follow to recover and to stay healthy. With an NPS score of 91, AC Health has increased compliance of physical therapy patients with their care plan as well as increased the number of insurance-approved visits they attend.
Swan Software Solutions
Carmel, IN - Custom Application Development for Cloud and Mobile
See all Top Health Tech Companies

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