Power is shifting in Silicon Valley. And the stories in today’s issue of The Spark give you more context to the trends and opportunities that are worth keeping an eye on.

Here are some of the top stories we’ll be featuring that happened in tech beyond Silicon Valley on this week’s edition of The Spark:

  • 🏢Mighty Middle Tops Best-Cities Lists—Again
  • 🦄+1 Midwest Unicorn Exit
  • 🤓Calling all Entrepre-NERDs
  • 💥And much more!

Plus, in today’s episode, we feature special guest Ruben Harris, founder & CEO at Career Karma and co-host of the Breaking Into Startups Podcast who has a huge announcement for the tech community on Juneteenth, called Reskilling America—a collective effort to help millions of Americans acquire new skills in tech and prepare for the Great Rehiring.

We also featured one of the organizations helping support the Reskilling America Campaign. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, health tech startup HC1! 

During this Livestream recording, we had Talent Acquisition Manager, Keegan Jiles, from Indianapolis based health startup HC1 join the show to talk about what they’re seeing in their company and tech community and their pledge for support of the Reskilling America campaign. Tune in for more!

And if you want to join and help Ruben’s campaign for Reskilling America, be sure to check out this incredible initiative that he has helped put together. The goal is to give away 5,000+ laptops to communities who need them most to help them re-skill and provide a blueprint to land a career in tech. Be sure to go check it out at https://careerkarma.com/reskill-america , and donate what you can. 

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Please enjoy this conversation with Ruben Harris of Career Karma!

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