“In the midst of the craziness, everything in our life becomes unstructured,” Todd commiserated. We’ve all been there: pulled in different directions, out of sync, and just plain fried. But we don’t always know how to get ourselves back to that state of flow so we can do our best work.

todd-henry-headshotTodd Henry is the author of The Accidental Creative, a book that unveils how you can create your best ideas when you need them most. I was lucky enough to talk candidly with Todd about how we get ourselves in these various states of “fried” and (more importantly) what, exactly, we can do to be prolific, brilliant, and healthy.

As people leading and building high-growth companies, we can often lose ourselves in the work. But we’re in control. We can structure our lives and approach our work in a way that gives us more capacity to find our “why” and bring out the best in ourselves. With that kind of focus and energy, we live with passion and die empty.

In this 15-minute interview, you’ll get an overview of Todd’s approach to ramping your creative output as well as some hard-hitting tactics that you can put to use now:

Todd Henry: Die Empty.

How to Be Prolific, Brilliant, and Healthy

How does creativity fuel your business? What things do you do to keep your creative spirit?  

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