We’ve all been there—stuck on YouTube watching the latest founder talk or Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say.

The value in that kind of user engagement is enormous—enough for plenty of players in the web video market. But, is there space in the industry for another video platform?

Last month, I had a chance to sit down with Tony Scelzo, co-founder of Knomingo, a new video startup that may have identified a pocket of opportunity in web video. Here’s the interview:

Tony Scelzo has a vast network and was able to quickly raise a friends-and-family round of $50,000 to fund initial development of Knomingo. With a diverse founding team and an experienced board of advisors, they’re capable of refining their platform into a perfect product-market fit.

Tony Scelzo with Knomingo

“There’s a long tail of thought leadership,” Scelzo said during this interview before his pitch at the December Verge startup event. His pitch, which we’ll post here next week, raised a lot of questions from the audience. It seems like there would be opportunity in this market and curation could possibly change the way people consume expert videos.

Would an aggregated market of high-quality training and entertaining education provide enough value for web users to get their wallets out and pay?

If a critical mass of viewers can be built at Knomingo, there certainly seems to be more value to the experts who currently create web video content without immediate compensation for viewer consumption. And there’s viral potential in a social-media-fueled referral system.

The question is, “Is there room for a paid video platform in a world of free?”

How would you design a paid platform for video?