Launching a new business is a nerve racking experience. And Verge has been a platform to dozens of entrepreneurs as they’ve pitched their startups and pulled back the curtain on their technology. But it’s still difficult to anticipate what a startup will do after they’ve walked off that stage.

One startup that will be pitching later this week has told us exactly what they’ll be doing—and it’s something truly remarkable.

Drink Design: Find and Make Your Own Drink and Custom Beverage Labels

At the next Verge event, uFlavor will unveil their business to the world in front of a live audience of over 300 entrepreneurs and investors. After their five minutes of fame, the founding team will board a tour bus headed West to embark on a startup adventure. Launching off from Indianapolis, the tech company hopes to connect and introduce a new way of thinking about flavored drinks.

Willy Wonka himself couldn’t have thought this up.

uFlavor Engineer, Mike Mitchell
uFlavor Co-Founder, Mike Mitchell, strikes a pose

The founders of uFlavor believe that there should be a unique flavored beverage for every person, place and occasion, and that flavor experience shouldn’t be limited to what’s on your local grocer’s shelves. So, uFlavor is creating a new category in the beverage industry that they call “user-generated refreshment.”

After a year and a half of engineering, the uFlavor team has a working prototype of a machine that can create an almost infinite amount of flavored drinks. The technology can create and bottle flavors on the fly, and even create custom beverage labels. They’ll be showing off their drink designer at this week’s launch event and are taking it on the road to introduce it to major cities around the U.S.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

In the same way Threadless changed the apparel industry, uFlavor wants to provide users with greater beverage selection while giving entrepreneurs and creatives an opportunity to express themselves—and even profit. Once uFlavor opens its social network, users will be able to create their own custom drinks by selecting flavors, carbonation levels, and package designs. Anyone will be able to purchase users’ uFlavor beverages from customizable user pages and, like Threadless, creators will get a cut of the revenue.

They’re calling it the uFlavor Revolution.

The Flavor Revolution crew has planned stops in startup hotbeds including Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, but say they’ll leave plenty time for impromptu stops and surprise visits. You can suggest stops and events on the uFlavor Facebook page, and follow the road trip on twitter.

The bus will host some of Indy startup scene’s usual suspects and both Tony Monteleone and I will be tagging along to help document the adventure to share here on the Verge blog.

Want to join the uFlavor Revolution?

Come check out uFlavor and learn more about drink design at Verge this Thursday. We just opened up an extra 150 spots, so RSVP to reserve your spot now.

The company will announce details later this week about how you can reserve your uFlavor username and gain access to some of their limited-edition drinks.

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