Every Modownloadnday we feature a pitch from a recent Verge meeting at one of our hubs. Today’s post comes from Joey Flores from Bloomington pitching his company, Earbits.

Company: Earbits

Business: Music Advertising

Key Value Prop: Allow bands to play their songs for users who are interested in their style of music.

Pitch Successes We Can Learn From

  • Establish credibility: Joey started his pitch by establishing why both he and his business partner are uniquely positioned to corner this market.
  • Put himself in the buyers shoes: By telling a story of how he had to deal with this problem himself, he was able to validate the idea.
  • Show his believers: He showed a slide around the 3 minute mark that had many of his current investors listed. While this isn’t always possible, it goes a long way for investors to know that they’re not the only ones that believe in your vision.
  • Show results: Comparing $58 in flyers to $58 in Earbits promotions really hammers home the value of his platform.

If I were there, I would’ve asked Joey to explain how the song selection works. As a user, would I exclusively hear paid bands, or would it be a combination of bands I know with bands that paid for advertisements? Is there any sort of ratings system like Pandora? It sounds like a walkthrough of the actual user interface would have been helpful.

What are your thoughts on Joey’s pitch? Does Earbits finally solve the problem of music marketing or does it, as Paul Grahm said, “kill an otherwise good startup?”