Every Monday we highlight a pitch from a recent Verge Pitch Night at one of our hubs. Today’s post comes from Mike Beckwith from Bloomington pitching his company, Evacua.


Company: Evacua

Business: Evacuation and Safety Program for Travelers

Key Value Prop: Access to private transport for travelers, even when commercial and government transport is unavailable.

3 Pitch Successes We Can Learn From

Mike zeroed in on a couple of things in his pitch that can really help elevate your pitch to the next level.

  • Tell a story: By sharing the story of his friend, Chris, trying to escape a tsunami, Mike was able to create a more compelling pitch.
  • Establish a clear problem: “There’s an excess amount of inventory available, but there’s no good way to manage it.”
  • Establish a clear pain point for a consumer base: “If he was on a business trip for his company (in the middle of a tsunami, with an inability to escape), they could be sued for a lot of money. 31 of the last 35 companies to get sued for this have lost big.

When asking for a six figure investment, your revenue model can be what makes or breaks your pitch. A few things I wanted to know:

  • Who are you targeting? Individual travelers? Companies with business travelers?
  • How much is this going to cost me?

What are your thoughts on Mike’s pitch for Evacua?