Mark Zuckerberg recently sat down for an interview with The Information about the future of augmented reality and reality (AR and VR).

Facebook bought Oculus for $2 billion seven years ago, and his company’s Quest 2 headset and controller launch happened in October 2020. In the recent interview, Zuckerberg stated that the opportunities in VR are enormous, saying, “Certainly it’s going to blow past 10 million. I think it’ll get to many tens of millions, like what you’ve seen with Xbox and PlayStation just on the gaming side.”

When asked to make a prediction about the timing of mass AR adoption, he said:

A lot of this stuff will start to come about in the 2020s. It may not really reach full scale until the 2030s.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

Interested in opportunities in AR and VR? Check out these rising Unvalley VR  companies:

Surgical Theater (Cleveland, Ohio) – This company enables neurosurgeons to accurately plan and practice brain surgery on anatomically correct, customized VR models. Picture it like a flight simulator for brain surgeons!

VirtualSpaces (Cleveland, Ohio) – VirtualSpaces builds realistic visualizations of properties so real estate professionals can walk potential clients through houses and commercial spaces from the comfort of their couches. 

MagicLeap (Plantation, Florida) – This company provides wearable AR and VR solutions to innovative companies, to help them remotely connect and collaborate.

Experts predict the global revenue from virtual and augmented reality will increase to over $67 billion by 2024, so the opportunity is huge.