Every rising tech hub needs strong advocates, and Miami has a great one: Mayor Francis Suarez.

From his viral tweet about moving Silicon Valley to Miami to his online chats with Elon Musk about tunnels under the city, Suarez has become one of the most visible cheerleaders for companies and tech professionals to relocate to his city.

Silicon Valley startups, financial firms, and VC companies are flocking to Miami for the fabulous weather and pro-business atmosphere, and Suarez is welcoming them with open arms. 

Miami’s tech scene raised close to $1 billion in funding in 2019, according to Crunchbase, and MoveBuddha’s survey of domestic Tweets noted that New York and San Francisco were the two most common sources of moves to Miami (representing a whopping 30% of all Miami relocations).

This week, Suarez suggested that the city should invest in crypto and start accepting tax payments in BitCoin, and even paying municipal employees in BitCoin. The jury is still out on whether any of that is possible, but we applaud his innovative thinking.

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