Have you ever been stuck in a parking garage and couldn’t quite figure out how to leave? Well, you’re not the only one; according to reports, 85% of “help” calls in a parking garage are due to humans struggling to understand the equipment, whereas only 15% of those calls are due to actual equipment failure. That’s why today, you’ll hear from a company that saw the need for human interaction within the parking industry and set out to fill it—combining software-as-a-service, hardware, and a 24/7 call center to create personal, high-empathy interactions in the parking industry.

On today’s episode of the Powderkeg Pitch, you’ll be hearing a 5-minute live startup pitch between an entrepreneur and myself. You’ll be hearing from Brian Wolff, President & CEO at Parker Technology based in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Before joining Parker Technology, Brian, in 2006, co-founded Bluelock, Indiana’s fastest-growing private company in 2010, with four other Indiana tech entrepreneurs. He has helped fund more than 30 local companies through angel funds Gravity Ventures, xCap Angels, and Momentum Ventures. Brian consulted several other organizations, including Purdue Research Foundation, where he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at The Foundry. 

On today’s show, Brian will be pitching Parker Technology, a company focused on providing parking facilities with a premium customer service experience platform through software.

Brian will have just 5 minutes to pitch Parker and share more on the incredible team they’re growing at Parker, and then I will have the opportunity to hit Brian with a few hard-hitting and rapid-fire-q-and-a, sort of shark tank-style questions right after his pitch. Tune in for more!

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Please enjoy this conversation with Brian Wolff!

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