“I’m asking for an eight dollar investment because not only are you investing into me, but you’re investing into my future and my business,” says 11-year-old Asia Newson. This kid has something that makes her pitch for her “Super Business Girl” business irresistible. See for yourself:

What!? OK, take my money.

I was in. The first time I heard Asia’s pitch on an episode of This American Life I knew this young lady had it. Young Newson has the most important part of any business pitch.

Asia Newson has conviction about Super Business Girl.

She is 100% committed to her product, her business, and herself. She believes in what she’s pitching and is able to convey this with conviction.

But where does this talent come from?

“It’s my personality,” says Newson in her interview with MSNBC. I’m not 100% convinced. Look for yourself:

Somewhere along the way (probably from her father), Newson learned to use her whole voice and her body to present herself and her business, Super Business Girl. She learned to use her voice inflection and facial expressions to keep her pitch engaging.

She kept it short. She said what she had to say with conviction, and then she did something really important.

She made the ask.

So Asia Newson, age 11, has already put together 3 of the most important elements into her pitch:

  1. Present with conviction
  2. Keep it brief
  3. Make the ask

Do you follow these best practices in each and every pitch you give?

Asia Newson a.k.a. Super Business GirlWhy don’t you see for yourself? Here’s my challenge to you:

Turn the camera on yourself today. No one has to see this. It’s just for you.

Flip your phone camera to video mode and set it 10-15 feet across from you so you can see your whole body. Find a private space so you don’t scare your officemates or coworking buddies. Then, pitch your business or product like your life depended on it. Remember to:

  1. Present with conviction
  2. Keep it brief
  3. Make the ask

Then watch it. What did you do well? Then get real with yourself… What could use some fine tuning in your pitch?