Back in the days of cowboys and six shooters, people started using the phrase “chomping at the bit” to describe rampant anticipation.  Sometimes a cowboy’s horse would get so excited about something that it would chew at the metallic bit in its mouth, unable to contain himself as he looked toward his next goal.


Now, we’re not comparing anyone to a horse, but it’s this level of eagerness that we’re seeing from investors and exhibitors for the 2014 Innovation showcase, and today we look to 2013 to see why.

Midwest investors are feeling green.

“The landscape for seed capital in the Midwest has totally changed…there’s no question that it’s a good time to an early stage entrepreneur in the Midwest.”

So began Jake Cohen of Detroit Venture Partners in a 2013 Innovation Showcase panel that included Kristian Andersen of Gravity Ventures, Jonathon Perrelli of Fortify VC and Dave Knox of Cincinnati’s Brandery.  These guys are excited to find growing early-stage companies in which to invest their cold hard cash, and they’re feeling bullish at the prospect.

Knox noted, “…there’s a lot of capital being unlocked that actually wasn’t there for an early stage…we’ve got some real people getting involved as angel [investors].”  Indeed, it’s an exciting time to be an investor in Silicon Prairie.  With the acquisitions of Exact Target and Compendium both happening since this discussion, we’re excited to hear what this year’s panel has to say about the investing landscape in Indiana.

Innovation Showcase 2013We’re breaking records left and right.

Investors aren’t the only ones showing their anticipation.  We’ve had a record number of exhibitors apply to the Innovation Showcase.  Super Early Bird tickets sold out quickly, and perhaps most exciting of all:

We’re giving away a record $120,000+

in services and investment at this year’s Innovation Showcase.

That’s why we’re releasing a batch of Early Bird tickets this Thursday morning!  Be sure to set your calendar for 9:30 am, because tickets will go quickly and the price only goes up the closer we get to Innovation Showcase 2014.

We agree with Jake Cohen: it’s a good time to be an early stage entrepreneur in the Wild, Wild Midwest.

So what’s exciting you about the funding landscape in Indiana?