Workplace culture can be a fuzzy concept, but its results are not. Companies that intentionally create magnetic work cultures have an edge in recruiting the best talent, which means an edge in creating the best products. These Nashville startups distinguished themselves in “Grit and Growth: The 2018 Tennessee Tech Census Report” as having the best cultures in their city, as voted by the local tech community.

Nashville’s Top 10 Startup Work Cultures

10. Initial State

Initial State logoKnow what data streaming is? Think of it like video streaming, but with real-time data visualized in an eye-catching, easy-to-understand (and easy-to-act-on) way. That’s what Initial State does. It collects data from web-connected devices, sensors, and applications, then sends it to the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere via a browser. (If that’s too technical, check out the quirky product videos by Initial State’s team). Learn more about Initial State and its culture here.

9. Jammber

Jammber logoJammber automates the business side of the music industry so artists can focus on creating—and making sure they get paid and credited for what they create. Even more exciting, Jammber’s suite of business tools aims to make all of that happen from a smartphone. Founder and CEO Marcus Cobb sees a huge opportunity, “unicorn status” as he told Venture Nashville. He has an enthusiastic team behind him that calls itself “The Jammberites.” Learn more about Jammber and its culture here.

8. Mixtroz

Mixtroz logoYou’re at a conference, pitch night, or another networking event. Hundreds of people are there. But you’re not looking to meet 300 people. You’re looking to connect with a few people and create high-value relationships with them. Enter Mixtroz, an app that helps organizers and attendees maximize the value of networking events by curating targeted introductions. Learn more about Mixtroz and its culture here.

7. GoCheck Kids

GoCheck Kids logoAccording to the CDC report “Improving the Nation’s Vision Health,” vision disorders such as amblyopia (lazy eye) are the most prevalent disabling childhood conditions. But less than 15 percent of preschool children receive an eye exam that could detect these disorders early. GoCheck Kids wants to change that by screening 20 million kids by 2020. Its software lets clinics such as children’s hospitals catch eye disorders using an iPhone. Learn more about GoCheck Kids and its culture here.

6. FoxFuel Creative

FoxFuel Creative logoFoxFuel Creative is a branding and digital marketing agency whose work drips with the kind of energy and insight tech startups need to connect with their customers. Moreover, its guiding principles of “sophistication and rebellion” are as Nashville as it gets. The agency’s work is impressively fluid in creating distinct brand experiences for startups, corporations, social enterprises, and even professional artists. Learn more about FoxFuel Creative and its culture here.

5. Soundstripe

Soundstripe logoIt should come as no surprise to see multiple music tech startups on this list. Soundstripe delivers unlimited, royalty-free music for video so creative professionals can find the perfect songs for their projects. It has plenty of happy customers, too, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Tesla. Its services work just as well for entrepreneurs from wedding filmmakers to YouTube personalities. Learn more about Soundstripe and its culture here.

4. Hashed Health

Hashed Health logoHashed Health brings blockchain solutions to the healthcare space. Why is that exciting? Because healthcare is fraught with administrative costs and processes, which create transactional inefficiency—and blockchain is very, very good at solving transactional inefficiencies. Hashed Health’s team also brings a refreshing approach to its services: Let the problem design the solution. Learn more about Hashed Health and its culture here.

3. Digital Reasoning

Digital Reasoning logoHow do companies monitor their reputations online? Can Twitter posts show when customers are at risk of churn? What words in an email show when a customer is ready to upgrade? Digital Reasoning helps companies in finance, healthcare, and intelligence gain these kinds of insights by analyzing communications data with AI. Its team members, called Reasoners, share a passion for machine learning’s potential to benefit humanity. Learn more about Digital Reasoning and its culture here.

2. LeanKit

Planview LeanKit logoAutomation reduces work ambiguity, allowing teams to move fast and with intense focus. Leankit (acquired by Planview) does that for engineering teams by automating Lean and Agile work processes. By visualizing key data from workflow analytics to delivery risks, teams across an entire organization can work in sync. It also integrates with Slack, Salesforce, and more to sync teams out of the box. Learn more about LeanKit and its culture here.

1. Emma

Emma logoEmma, an email marketing platform now part of the Campaign Monitor family, is one of Nashville’s best startup stories. What sets Emma apart from other email services is how it focuses on personalization as much as automation. That means businesses can create meaningful relationships while still moving fast. Its hundreds of integrations certainly help, as does its commitment to building “a dream-like workplace.” Learn more about Emma and its culture here.


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