More and more, startups realize that one of their best assets for attracting and retaining talent is culture. In fact, Tennesseans identified company culture as the top reason they picked their places of work in “Grit and Growth: The 2018 Tennessee Tech Census Report.”

Its not surprising. Every company produces a product or service. The vision and values behind each company, however, can differ dramatically. Yet its in the vision, values, and guiding principles where we companies show why they do what they do, and that resonates with job seekers.

These Knoxville startups show how investing in culture attracts, retains, and develops talent ready to impact the market. The winners were chosen through voting by members of the Knoxville startup community.

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Knoxvilles 10 Best Startup Cultures

10. Vendor Registry

Vendor Registry logoSay you’re a city official who wants to bolster your purchasing power while saving taxpayer dollars. Vendor Registry offers a pragmatic way to do that. It smoothens the pinball-like process of suppliers and local government offices finding each other by matching them based on procurement needs. That saves time and money on both sides. The startup’s team unites around a shared passion for empowering local communities. Learn more about Vendor Registry and its culture here.

9. RDI Technologies

RDI Technologies logoImagine a manufacturing plant filled with billions of dollars of loud, heavy machinery. How can companies safely monitor such environments? RDI Technologies automates industrial maintenance with cameras that turn their millions of pixels into individual data points. They detect vibrations, deflection, and other motions invisible to the human eye so companies can predict maintenance and find the root causes of equipment malfunctions. Learn more about RDI Technologies and its culture here.

8. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag Fulfillment logoFor an e-commerce business to succeed, it must fulfill customer orders as quickly as possible. Red Stag Fulfillment makes that happen so companies can focus on selling and scaling, not worrying about delivery. RSF’s order fulfillment solutions reach 97 percent of Americans within two days—and 99.9 percent within three. The startup is on a hot streak, winning “Best Fulfillment Service” two years in a row from Learn more about Red Stag Fulfillment and its culture here.

7. MomSource Network

MomSource Network logoFor many moms, returning to work turns into an all-or-nothing scenario. Realizing that after returning to work herself, Courtney Jones founded MomSource Network to help moms join the gig economy. MomSource connects mothers with part-time, flexible full-time, work-from-home and other job opportunities that fit their demanding schedules. At the same time, the startup advocates for broader access to flexible employment. Learn more about MomSource Network and its culture here.

6. EventBooking

EventBooking logoIt takes a staggering amount of behind-the-scenes work to make large-scale events like concerts and pro sports games happen. EventBooking’s venue management software helps convention centers, arenas, and other event spaces unite their teams and streamline workflows, handling everything from lead captures to exhibitor ordering. The startup even offers a separate software service catered toward promoters. Learn more about EventBooking and its culture here.

5. mobius

mobius logoAt the intersection of social consciousness and business opportunity, you’ll find mobius. The startup’s vision: a world where organic waste is a treasured resource. To make that a reality, mobius creates renewable chemicals, materials, and energy from that waste. It’s starting with biodegradable plastics made from lignin, a byproduct of paper production. The resulting resin is a valuable, eco-friendly resource for the polymer industry. Learn more about mobius and its culture here.

4. VortexT Analytics

Vortext Analytics logoClinical data is vital to the healthcare industry, but it’s a herculean task just to manage it, let alone draw insights from it. Claim denials. Appeals. Medical information requests. VortexT Analytics helps hospitals and other health systems get beyond managing data to leveraging it. The results? Better workflows, less headaches, and maximized revenue cycles. Vortex’s team has its roots in national security, too, so it knows big data. Learn more about Vortex Analytics and its team here.

3. PerfectServe

PerfectServe logoHospitals, like any large organization, can become siloed. When that happens, communication fragments and teams can’t work at their best. PerfectServe’s real-time clinical communications platform unites all members of a healthcare team, no matter where there are or what device they’re using, so they can collaborate and deliver the best patient care. The platform can scale to all levels of health systems, too, from hospitals to group practices. Learn more about PerfectServe and its culture here.

2. StoragePug

StoragePug logoSelf-storage is a multibillion-dollar industry. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that, though, given how well the industry hides in plain sight. StoragePug aims to change that. The startup helps self-storage companies raise their visibility and attract customers with marketing and web tools built specifically for the industry. It also offers automated tools, such as online rental and payment portals, that create better customer experiences. Learn more about StoragePug and its culture here.

1. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight logoSalespeople love how Cirrus Insight integrates Salesforce with their Gmail and Outlook accounts. The startup, which bills itself as an all-in-one sales productivity platform, automates inbox and calendar tasks so thoroughly that many users get hours back each week. In fact, Cirrus Insight is so beloved by its customers that it’s made Inc.’s list of fastest-growing companies three years in a row. Learn more about Cirrus Insight and its culture here.

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