2020 Best Virtual Events and Conferences

Back in 2019, there might have been so many in-person events and conferences you just couldn’t keep up with them all. But virtual events in 2020 are a completely different story. Thanks to the need for social distancing, even giants like Microsoft and its holding LinkedIn are doubling down on virtual event programming and trying to stand out among the best virtual event platforms for professionals.  

 People looking for new opportunities or simply craving connections are eager to fill their virtual events calendar with fun online events that will also add value and variety to life. We’ve created this list of opportunities like virtual networking events and virtual professional development events to help you find the online events today that can benefit you.

Summer Virtual Conferences 2020

These are just a few examples of virtual conferences coming up in 2020 that are specifically relevant to the tech industry. If you’re looking for virtual conference marketing opportunities or trying to explore the best virtual conference platforms, these might be great options.

June 2020 Virtual Technology Conferences

  • Women Impact Tech Conference is a four-day digital event where women in tech can advance their knowledge and grow their networks. (June 8-12)
  • LiveWorx 2020 is a one-day virtual conference about digital transformation in industrial enterprise. (June 9)
  •  MongoDB Live is a two-day free virtual event with keynotes and breakout sessions about automation, database management, security, and pretty much everything tech. (June 9-10)
  •  AIBC Asia Digital is a one-day virtual conference bringing together global experts in Blockchain, AI, IoT, and other cutting-edge technologies. (June 10)
  • CircleCityCon is a two-day virtual event for security hackers providing training, online games, and a virtual job fair. (June 12-14)
  •  DeveloperWeek Global 2020 is this year’s two-day online presentation of the largest development & engineering conference, with over 50 keynotes and training across 3 stages. (June 16-17)
  •  Veeamon is a two-day interactive conference on leveraging the cloud for data protection and business acceleration. (June 17-18)
  • Python Web Conference  is a virtual event designed to promote best practices for hard web production problems. It features international experts presenting on 40 topics such as Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc. (June 17-19)
  • Collision From Home is a three-day tech conference with a focus on thought leadership, billed as the “Olympics of tech” and attracting venture capitalists, journalists, entrepreneurs, activists, and more. (June 23-25) 

July 2020 Virtual Technology Conferences

  • International Conference on Machine Learning is a seven-day event, the 37th annual conference for researchers and professionals in machine learning. (July 12-18)
  • Shift20 is a two-day digital event focused on food science and food technology innovation. (July 13-15)
  • DrupalCon is a four-day event centered on open-source, ambitious digital experiences, including opportunities for virtual professional development. (July 14-17)

Do you have a conference to add to the list? Let us know!

Upcoming Fun Virtual Events

But conferences aren’t the only types of virtual events going on. Some virtual event ideas are events that happen regularly, or may be one-off events. Many of these are free online events though some require organization membership to attend.

  • Eventbrite is an event website that is an endless source of fun virtual event ideas, from presentations about working from home to virtual management seminars to digital concert events and music festivals. We love this resource because you can also search for virtual events presented in Spanish or other languages.
  • Chicago DeTours for Curious People hosts weekly digital tours of Chicago’s historic attractions and a daily “Historic Happy Hour.”
  •  Women & Hi Tech hosts quarterly Executive Women’s Forums and weekly “Clickside Chats” for both members and non-members.

Powderkeg Virtual Events

In addition to all these amazing resources, Powderkeg is bringing our experience to the mix with different types of digital events to fit every schedule.

Events are a great way to connect with others, but we’ve also created the Powderkeg Culture Directory to help job seekers and companies connect on their schedule. Get matched with the company or new talent that is right for your needs by joining today.