Startups must have laser focus on finding product market fit – but you can’t do it without the right team behind you.

According to GlassDoor, 67% of job seekers are actively looking for companies that make diversity, equity, and inclusion a high priority.

Right now, many tech leaders are asking what more they can do to cultivate and support diverse workforces (across all underrepresented and marginalized communities). If you want to expand your commitment to DEI, here are a mini “crash course” to get you started:

  • Understand why diversity is important to your organization and how it fits in with your mission.
  • Set goals and consider linking those goals to monetary compensation.
  • Gather a team sponsored by an exec, and give them a budget.
  • Proactively diversify your network and expand your recruiting channels.
  • Remove implicit bias from job descriptions.
  • Create an inclusive interview process – be thoughtful about who’s conducting interviews, and avoid group interviewing.
  • Hire diverse candidates with different experiences that can add to your company culture.

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