Leaders that are able to build and create a culture of openness and collaboration are able to encourage their team to better self-develop, communicate, and share what they are learning so they can capitalize on the actions they are or could be doing better, and promoting and pushing one another to do the same. But where do we begin in order to create and maintain this idea that we call product culture? 

On today’s episode, we chat with Marcus Cobb, a technologist, product designer, public speaker, and successful entrepreneur. Marcus is a highly sought-after investor, mentor, and strategist for numerous organizations. He’s also the CEO and co-founder of Jammber, a Nashville-based music technology company that focuses on streamlining the incredibly complicated process of creating a song, sharing it with the world and ultimately getting paid and getting credit for it.

Throughout this episode, you’ll get to hear Marcus discuss his role as an entrepreneur, his personal experiences with building an amazing team culture, and his current role as co-founder and CEO of Jammber. Find out more on how Marcus and his team are disrupting the music industry with their platform, Jammber. Tune in for More!

In this episode with Marcus Cobb, you’ll learn:

  • How positive product culture can be a secret ingredient for team success
  • About the music tech industry and the opportunities available
  • Marcus’s personal experience and growth as an entrepreneur
  • How the Jammber platform is impacting the music industry

Please enjoy this conversation with Marcus Cobb!

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What stood out most to you about what Marcus  shares in this podcast?

For me, it’s how positive product culture can be a secret ingredient for team success.

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