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Healthcare Digital company focused on helping patients connect to latest treatments.





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Company Mission

Our aim is to accelerate the breakthroughs of new treatments
by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need them.
If your friend asked you what it's like to work in your department, how would you respond?

Antidote is dynamic team and environment focused on making impact in patients' lives. If you like learning and evolving, this is an exciting place.

Tom Krohn
Tom Krohn
Tom Krohn

Chief Development Officer

Leadership Team

Core Values

We Care

We operate with a “patient-first” mindset.

We are respectful of our colleagues and make time to check in.

We take pride in our work and in what the company is trying to achieve.

We are passionate about what we do.

We embrace flexible working and support a healthy work-life balance.

We Collaborate

We operate in an agile way and work to move ideas and products forward quickly.

We work together to ensure we deliver products and services of the highest quality to patients and clients.

We are transparent about what we are working on and provide regular updates.

We trust

We operate with integrity.

We set clear goals and make time for regular check-ins.

We are empowered to make our own decisions about how best to achieve those goals.

We operate in an environment where it’s ok to challenge, to speak up, and to ask for help.

We deliver

We are encouraged to think outside the box and welcome new ideas to help move the company forward.

We aim to work in partnership with all stakeholders - internal and external - in the spirit of mutual respect.

We are comfortable working in shades of grey and use our initiative to plug any gaps.

We embrace the responsibility and requirement for proactivity associated with being industry leaders.