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Company Mission

To become the world’s largest pure play teleport/gateway services provider through leveraging the virtualization of global ground communication assets.

Core Values

Just get Started
(ATLAS values employees who are able to make effective decisions despite ambiguity. Fail forward, learn and move on.)
Be Accountable
(At ATLAS we value accountability, doing your job completely, with quality and on time. ATLAS employees have relentlessly high standards which continually raise the bar and drive everyone to deliver high quality work. It is everyone's responsibility to make sure all that we do is of the highest quality possible for both our teammates and customers.)
Charge Towards The Problem
(When a problem arises, we fix it. When a fix is not obvious, we collaborate.)
Do the right thing / Integrity
(Doing the right thing and integrity go hand in hand with being accountable. The ATLAS code includes honesty, respect and trust in each other. Our integrity is the most crucial ingredient in forming the ATLAS culture and, just as important, the appearance we give to our customers. We must treat all customers as teammates in space exploration.)
Go Together / Put team first
(As we charge toward problems, difficulties and challenges, we don’t go alone, we go together. We are in a complex market with complex solutions. It takes everyone working together to overcome the toughest of challenges we face.)
Think Big
(ATLAS is competing against well established companies with deep pockets. Now, we are swimming in the same pool as Amazon and Microsoft. While we cannot compete in dollars, we can compete with experience, ingenuity, and nimbleness. Don’t be afraid to think big and throw away all prior assumptions. Look for root causes to problems that we can solve in new ways.)
Become the Expert
(Space operations are highly technical and complex. While we will forever be students, continually learning and improving, we also strive to become the company expert and eventually the industry leader. It takes time, focus, and persistence.)