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Cabana opens up the flexibility of travel plans so that travelers can book once and go anywhere. The company has built out a fleet of upscale custom-made mobile hotel rooms, using 2019 Ford Transit vans, to give travelers the freedom to travel and sleep where they want and when they want. Every element, from the bed to the storage, to the bathroom to the internet, is designed from the ground up for a tailored and premium experience. Simplified lodging often translates to lower quality, but Cabana has taken the luxurious amenities of a thoughtfully designed suite and outfitted it for a small space. Enabled through tech, Cabana brings travelers digital convenience and peace of mind through contact-free check-in. The app lets travelers reserve, check-in, pick-up, and check-out of their mobile hotel room without having to make a pit stop to the front desk.

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A hotel that travels with you.
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